Top 5 Hair Tips for Curly Hair Extensions

Top 5 Hair Tips for Curly Hair Extensions

Every woman from a confident naturalista to a sleek n’ straight diva, has one thing in common… Versatility. As a woman, versatility naturally comes with the territory and rocking curly tresses has been a woman’s go-to “exotic”… or natural, look for years. It’s that lioness mane that every woman dares to possess and rock flawlessly. It’s Solange’s red carpet curly hairstyles, Teyana Taylor’s vixen curls, and Kelly Rowland’s summertime coils that drive us to our “Curly Styles” Pinterest boards to pin away. As much as we would want our hair to look just like that, the true reality is that a lot of us don’t know the steps to achieve or even maintain the look. Well, look no further because we’ve got the Top 5 Hair Care Tips For Curly Extensions. Curly Hair Extensions

1. The Root of It All

There’s a great old saying, “Every great installation starts with a good foundation”, and sew-ins are no exception. Whether you’re seeking extensions to enhance or to protect your hair, you should never get extensions to hide it. It is pivotal to always take care of your hair in and out of your extensions. There are many tips out there on how to care for your real hair but the key takeaways are to always to keep your hair clean and moisturized. + Make sure to wash, condition, and deep condition your hair before you install any extensions. + Never be afraid to moisturize your scalp while extensions are in, yes, we all know the greasy plastic-looking hair is not appealing. The head pat is well overdue as well, so to avoid this, simply oil your scalp with a pointed applicator making sure not to use too much. curly extensions

2. To Leave In or To Leave Out? That Is The True Question

The answer is both, and sometimes either or. The amazing thing about curly extensions is that they look good as a full sew-in with no leave out, for completely protecting your real hair, or as a partial sew-in with a little bit of leave out, for more versatility. + Due to the volume of curly hair you can practically get away with anything, but if you’re looking into having more versatility with the hair, go with the partial sew-in. + You can leave some hair out around your edges, the top crown for parting, and the back for pulling it up into a high ponytail. However there are rules to caring for your leave-out. + If you’re planning to keep your sew-in for longer than a month, you must wash and condition your leave-out. Simply separate your real hair from the extensions and pull it up into a top bun, then proceed as if all your hair was out during your routine hair wash day. Your leave-out is vital, proper blending, and care is what will make or break your curly style. + Remember: Straightening, adding on products, and tons of edge control on top of unwashed hair, will literally leave you edgeless. Go for a more basic approach. On clean hair take a bit of mousse and braid your leave out and let it set overnight, then unbraid the hair in the morning for a natural flow. Quick Tip: On vacation and looking to swim? Don’t you dare reach for a swimming cap. Your hair will be fine in a full sew-in and if you decided to go for the leave-out, simply slip on a classic scarf or braid your leave-out with your extensions to keep your edges in place. Once you’re done at the pool, take the hotel blow dryer for a spin and focus on your roots in a high cool setting. Curly Hair Extensions

3. It’s In The Cut

When you first get your luscious locs installed you’re already figuring out where you’ll be going that night to flaunt them. These last 3 tips will leave your mane glowing like a goddess. + Let’s start with layering. Adding soft layers to your curly hair is the ultimate must. Split your hair in two sections down the middle, take your hair shears, and lightly cut downward. + Curls are meant to be unruly and having a cookie-cutter length is a dead giveaway of extensions. Let go, let flow.     Curly Hair Extensions

4. Moisture. Moisture. Moisture.

It’s important to maintain your extensions just as if they were your own real hair. + Make sure to always use sulfate-free and silicon-free shampoos and conditioners. + This will ensure that the hair is not being stripped of any moisture when you wash it while making sure to only eliminate the dirt. Quick Style Tip: Need an immediate fix? Take a spray bottle of water and lightly dampen the hair until the coils start to sync together. Take your favorite argan oil and smooth it through the hair going downward. Now take a quarter size of conditioner and start to scrunch the hair from the bottom going upward all over. This brings your curls back to life and the scrunching method makes your curls pop instantly! Need the curls to last until the night? Just add a quarter size of mousse to this routine and you’re golden. Curly Hair Extensions

5. The Night Routine

This is the most important but often overlooked key component to keeping your curly extensions looking and feeling soft, untangled, and amazing. + As a nighttime routine, split your hair into two sections right down the middle. Take a wide paddle or Denman brush to detangle each section. Start from the ends up then braid each section. + This step is most important to prevent hair from getting tangled, brittle, and dry from your pillow and wild sleeping. If you find it tough to get through the hair, split it into smaller sections and take a wide tooth comb then dampen the hair slightly with water mixed with conditioner. Start from the ends up then braid each section. + Put on a silk bonnet cap and make sure to place each braid going downward and back fully into the cap without bending any of the braids. If the hair is too thick to braid, pull it up into a bun, put a scarf on to protect your edges, then top it off with your silk bonnet cap. Quick Style Tip: Want to wake up to loose body waves in the morning? After you detangle each section, dampen the hair lightly with a spray bottle of water. Then smooth a nickel size of your favorite conditioner into each side, braid, and let it set/dry overnight. In the morning, you will unbraid the hair then lightly pull your fingers through to fluff, creating an effortless wavy look! Now that you’ve got your tips, go out and flaunt them to the world and remember confidence starts within you. Always remind yourself that hair extensions are just that…an extension of your existing beauty and who you are. Never let enhancements change your attitude or demeanor, feel confident and in love with yourself no matter what. You are fabulous… You are beautiful.