5 Tips On Choosing Your Human Hair Extensions

Back view of a woman with long straight hair

Let us help you take the guessing out of your Human hair Extension investment.

The hair extension industry is vast and can be a little overwhelming for customers looking to experiment with human hair extensions . Hairlivery.com is here help  you  make the best and most informative decision to keep in mind when making your human hair extensions  investment. Which after reading these tips will add to a valuable and awesome experience. It helps to know some of the technology and terms used in the hair extension business.

1. What is 100% Virgin Human & Remy Hair?

Virgin hair is 100% human unprocessed hair usually taken from one donor. Or multi-donors. Remy hair is a term used quite often in the name of a suppliers brand. Remy simply means, that the hair cuticles are all going in the same direction. This will mean that the bundles you purchase, the hair will look and act uniform when styling. Your bundle weight may vary among vendors.There are a few more terms to familiarize yourself with when it comes to 100% human Remy hair.
Single drawn bundles will have at least 50% of the strands full length of the bundle the other portion hair length will vary. Note: this is the industry standard. Double drawn hair will cost a little more and have 100% of the strands complete from the weft to the end of the bundle.However, a good bundle weight should range from 3.5 to 4.0 ounces.

2. What type of hair fits me?

The simple and best way to make this decision is to consult with your stylist. However, here is a short quiz that will provide some helpful hints. Descriptions of the types of hair helps in your choice as well. Indian and Brazilian are very close in texture to African American hair course if you will. Peruvian Hair is thicker and just a little smoother and shinier. Malaysian hair is your smoothest and silkiest of all of the textures.


3. Which length should I get?

This is another question your professional stylist can help you answer. Keep in mind all decisions are based on the style you chose. When making your curly purchase,remember that the true length of the hair is measured when the hair is pulled straight from its curl. For example a 16″ curly bundle will appear around 14″ to 15″ when installed. Straight hair or Body Wave usually measure to its true stated dimension. See chart below for a little visual guidance.

Hair Length Chart

(Human Hair Extension hair length chart)


4. What about my curl pattern? 

Most Human Hair extensions come in Straight, Body wave, or Curly and even within those categories of Human Hair Extensions, the styles vary.  We always encourage you to consult with your stylist for styles and patterns, however we compiled a list of resources for to assist you in selecting your curl pattern:

5.What is the companies return or exchange policy?

When making an investment in buying Human hair extensions, you want this to be one of the questions you ask before finalizing your purchase. It is important that a company backs their product. Though we hope nothing goes wrong with your purchasing experience, it is important that a company backs their product. Matthew Dixon of The Effortless Experience book fame says, “When something goes wrong,the customers overriding sentiment is to help me fix it”

A reputable company should always stand behind their product. Keep in mind things can go wrong that may be completely out of the companies control. However, you would want and expect great customer service in handling and resolving the issue.

In conclusion, when making your hair purchase decision, check your companies ratings. How satisfied are their customers? Will I be able to speak with someone if I have questions? Make your decision based on knowledge, price, company policy and most important your hair quality. When making an investment you want to be assured that you are 100% satisfied. After all its you and your “do” that brings the look and style that matter.